Month: January 2014

Most amazing extinct animal

trex facts

I have a dream – own a pet Tyrannosaurus Rex, maybe every kid has dreamed owning oh I think T-Rex is the most amazing extinct animal. Tyrannosaurus rex was among the biggest land carnivores since life came to our earth, it can grow to 43.3ft long, 16.6 ft tall, which is larger than a bus and with the estimated weight that goes around 7 tons. Tyrannosaurus and other tyrannosaurids all have a big and thick tail which is proved to be used to balance their huge, massive skull. Compared with their big and strong hindlimbs, Tyrannosaurus forelimbs were very small and only had two digits.

Three million years ago, during the Cretaceous Period there was already had T-Rex, researchers have found their fossils in North American rock formations which help to identify the time. We already have found 30+ T. rex specimens all over the world, some of them remained completely.

Some T-Rex soft tissue has been discovered by researchers at the same time. Due to the abundance fossil, scientists could do many significant research discovering its own biology aspects, including its bio mechanics and lifestyle.