Five bizarrerie animal facts you didn’t know



Since our childhood, we always with a feeling of awe when talking about bats, they are mammals like humans, but they can fly, even fly unimpeded in the dark, there is no any other mammals can do about this, it is really enviable! If humans can own this ability, we will no longer envy our heroes, for example Spider–Man, Batman or Superman, oh no, may be we will expect more supernatural powers, who knows? But I think our road traffic pressure will be eased at least.



Australia is a beautiful country in the world, also the hometown of kangaroos. Kangaroos’ hind legs are enormously powerful, they use jumping instead of walking or running, it is contrary to humans, we are always difficult to keep balance when jumping, right? That is because kangaroos use tails for balance, obviously we are not able to do this, which just like we don’t have kangaroos’ pouches which can carry baby.

3. Spider


Do you like the movie Spider–Man? Do you still remember how the Spider–Man come from? If Spider–Man is a hero in your heart and you want to become him, may be you have the chance. According to scientist, in green areas, there are about 50,000 spiders in per acre on average, so you have a great chance of being bitten by spider.



I think tigers are one of the coolest animals in the world. Do you think so? They have tall and strong bodies, loud roar and beautiful stripes, their stripes are only on the surface of fur, but also on their skin, so cool, just like tattoo, they have their own unique marking, there are not two same jades in the world, and not two same tigers in the world too.



Fleas are not cute insect, although they are very small, they have an ability no one can, they can jump to 200 times as high as their height, which just like a man can jump onto New York’s EmpireStateBuilding, wow, can you image that? If so, the stairs in buildings can be removed. There are sorts of strange things in the natural, giving such an ability to fleas, how can we catch them?


Most amazing extinct animal

trex facts

I have a dream – own a pet Tyrannosaurus Rex, maybe every kid has dreamed owning oh I think T-Rex is the most amazing extinct animal. Tyrannosaurus rex was among the biggest land carnivores since life came to our earth, it can grow to 43.3ft long, 16.6 ft tall, which is larger than a bus and with the estimated weight that goes around 7 tons. Tyrannosaurus and other tyrannosaurids all have a big and thick tail which is proved to be used to balance their huge, massive skull. Compared with their big and strong hindlimbs, Tyrannosaurus forelimbs were very small and only had two digits.

Three million years ago, during the Cretaceous Period there was already had T-Rex, researchers have found their fossils in North American rock formations which help to identify the time. We already have found 30+ T. rex specimens all over the world, some of them remained completely.

Some T-Rex soft tissue has been discovered by researchers at the same time. Due to the abundance fossil, scientists could do many significant research discovering its own biology aspects, including its bio mechanics and lifestyle.